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Innovation Grant Program

Congratulations to the
2022-23 Innovation Grant Recipients

Announced Fall 2022:

Parlay Ideas - UDHS

Grant Recipient: Cody Crooke


Makey Makey in Library STEM Class for Engineering and Engagement - FWES

Grant Recipient: Mary DePaul


STEAM and Sensory Activities for Unified Art - UDHS

Grant Recipient: Crystal Dunn


Green Screen Enhancement - SRMS

Grant Recipient: Mark Feliciani


Eric Carle Children's Books in French, German and Spanish - UDHS

Grant Recipient: Christine Jones

Bringing Bio Labs into the 21st Century with Probes - UDHS

Grant Recipients: Brian Palme  - Chris Smith


Building Phonemic Awareness with Manipulatives - FWES

Grant Recipients: Kathleen Place - Lauren Weihenmayer


Save Me a Seat for FWES Book Club - FWES

Grant Recipients: Kathleen Place - Lauren Weihenmayer


Class Connect for Wonder Robots - MGES

Grant Recipient: Erica Stianchi

Announced Spring 2022: 

Literature Circles - MGES

Grant Recipient: Matthew Dorneman

Seeding the Future through Hydroponics in the Classroom - SRMS

Grant Recipient: Hannah Kim

Global Fiction Book Club - Coming of Age During Times of Adversity - SRMS

Grant Recipient: Kerry Lake

Melting Permafrost Simulation and Analysis - UDHS

Grant Recipient: Chris Smith

Stacking Up Math Skills, JTES

Grant Recipients: Melissa Traber - Lisa Downs

Laura Schmuckler - Brittnie Boyda - Carolyn Brightbill - Brenda Caviston - Donna Polin

About the Program


Each year, the Upper Dublin Education Foundation awards educator grants to give all students, grades K-12, access to extraordinary learning opportunities. The Innovation Grant Program inspires and empowers our teachers, engages our students and enhances District curriculum. 


In the past 5 years, UDEF has funded more than $100,000 in grants for educators. We are grateful for the generous support from individuals, corporations and private foundations that make our Innovation Grant program possible. Any new project, idea, or innovation for which funding is sought must be aligned with the Foundation's overall mission of enhancing the educational experiences and lifetime opportunities of students in our District.

Grant applications are reviewed in the fall and the spring. The next deadline is May 8, 2023.

Student Grants

In 2022, UDEF piloted a Student Innovation Grant program and awarded our first grant to Ms. Loch's  Environmental Science Project Based Learning (PBL) class for "The Hive," an outdoor learning area at UDHS designed to restore, regenerate and connect. 

Interested in applying for a student grant? Please contact Michelle Boas at

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