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Terms & Conditions

Donation/Gift Policy, Refunds, and Recurring Donations – The Upper Dublin Education Foundation is grateful for all donations and gifts to support UDEF’s mission, whether singular or recurring.  Donations and gifts are accepted in accordance with the Foundation’s current Acceptance of Gifts Policy, a copy of which is linked in the Resources section of this website.  If you have made an error with regard to a donation or gift, please contact us immediately, using the phone number and/or email in the Contact section of this website.  Approved refunds, based upon donation or gift errors, will be returned using the original method of payment.  For example, if you donate by credit card, any approved refund will be credited back to that same credit card.  Because ongoing support of the Foundation’s mission is vital to the Foundation’s work, the Foundation encourages recurring donations and contributions to projects over time, in addition to singular gifts and donations.  If you make a recurring donation or agree to contribute over time and, in the future, need to change or cancel that donation or contribution, please also contact us immediately.

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