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Upper Dublin Medals


The Upper Dublin Medals Planning Committee is pleased to announce that nominations are now being accepted for the 40th annual Upper Dublin Medals Program, which recognizes outstanding Upper Dublin community members. Due no later than Friday, March 18, 2024, nominations are sought in the following categories: 


  1. Citizen

  2. Educator

  3. Community Business or Non-profit Organization


To submit a nomination, please fill out the UD Medals Nomination Form. To be considered, candidates must meet the designated criteria. To ensure our selection committees have all the necessary information to make informed decisions, please provide comprehensive and detailed submissions, including the nominee’s achievements, contributions and qualifications. Submissions will be evaluated solely based on the information provided. 


Each selection committee is made up of individuals from various community groups who review all nominations and meet collectively to select the recipient in their category. Recipients will be announced early April and celebrated at an event on Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at 6pm.


The Upper Dublin Medals Program is presented by Upper Dublin Township, Upper Dublin School District and the Upper Dublin Education Foundation, which benefits from event proceeds. Please contact Michelle Boas at to learn about sponsorship opportunities.

Previous Upper Dublin Medals Winners

IMG_7796 2.jpeg

2023 Medal Winners


2022 Medal Winners

Outstanding Citizen
1985/Nathan Bauman; 1986/Ellen Burrows; 1987/Elmer Menges; 1988/Sara Long; 1989/William Strasburg; 1990/Harold Leneweaver & Gary Miller; 1991/George Haggar; 1992/Patrick Zollo; 1993/Dr. William R.M. Ritter; 1994/Raymond Jenkins; 1995/Robert Danaher; 1996/Robin Costa; 1997/James Bockius; 1998/Richard Rulon; 1999/Peter Blood; 2000/Mattie Dixon; 2001/Faith Fenderson; 2002/H. William Gift; 2003/Kathy Martin; 2004/Lewis Lyons; 2005/Ingrid Rivel; 2006/John Breish, Jr.; 2007/Judy Herold; 2008/Sherry Rivers; 2009/Jay Eibner; 2010/Mark Luttmann; 2011/Jules Mermelstein; 2012/ Robert Pesavento; 2013/Susan Diehl; 2014/Margie Barrett; 2015/Jennifer Pilling; 2016/Chet Derr, III; 2017/Ken Foster; 2018/Joseph Chmielewski; 2019/Howard Schmuckler; 2020/Ron Feldman; 2021/Vanessa Noble Good; 2022/Barbara Mass; 2023/Fan Zhang-Plasket

Outstanding Educator
1985/Sid Harris, Sharon Sicher & Jeff Huddleston; 1986/Terry Brewer & Robert Spatz; 1987/Peg Judd; 1988/Nancy Morrow; 1989/William Dorneman; 1990/William Rose; 1991/Lois Long; 1992/John Raebiger; 1993/Richard Karschner; 1994/Andrea Justice & Judyann Tunnell; 1995/Carl Janetka; 1996/Richard Wilhelm; 1997/Barbara Klotz; 1998/Sharon Kelly & Patrick Redican; 1999/Jamie Adler; 2000/Cheryl Hall; 2001/Dr. Clair G. Brown, Jr.; 2002/Kelley Campbell; 2003/ Debbie Thompson; 2004/Janet Lutz; 2005/David Waltman; 2006/Mary Jane Koons; 2007/Randi Windheim; 2008/Barbara Staller; 2009/Heather Boyer; 2010/Nancy O'Donnell; 2011/Stephen Heck; 2012/Brenda Ricci; 2013/Jann Maclean; 2014/ Nancy Abrams Greenberg; 2015/Janet Blenheim; 2016/Kim Schuler; 2017/Esther Miller; 2018/John "Jack" Fuery; 2019/Erin Loch; 2020/Margaret "Meg" Place; 2021/Danielle DiPasquale; 2022/Amy Gelman; 2023/Connie Nitschke

Outstanding Community Business / Non-Profit Organization
1997/George's Dreshertown Shop n Bag; 1998/Glen Center Pharmacy; 1999/Hayeck's Cafe; 2000/The Seltzer Organization; 2001/Kid 'n Kaboodle; 2002/Fort Washington Expo Center; 2003/Temple University Ambler; 2004/Jaguar Press; 2005/Usance Realty; 2006/Liberty Property Trust; 2007/UDJAA; 2008/Fort Washington Fire Company No. 1; 2009/The Ambler Gazette; 2010/Greenfield Foundation; 2011/PMC Mechanical, Inc.; 2012/Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County; 2013/Upper Dublin Aquatic Club; 2014/The Friends of Upper Dublin Public Library; 2015/ESD, Inc.; 2016/Upper Dublin Soccer Club; 2017/Community Ambulance Association, Ambler; 2018/Ambler Area YMCA; 2019/Peace & Shake; 2020/Inter-faith Housing Alliance; 2021/Montco SAAC Meals on Wheels; 2022/Eric's RX Shoppe; 2023/North Hills Collective

Student Leadership Awards - nominated by the Upper Dublin High School Faculty
1985/Andrea Kahn, Richard Roth; 1986/Jane Catanzaro, Steve Baughman; 1987/Carol Filicetti, Tim Holy; 1988/Caroline Park, Andrew Cooper; 1989/Phyllida Ku, Keith Randall; 1990/Jolee Rosenau, Josh Singer; 1991/Amy Chinitz, John Lin; 1992/Katherine Duggan, Drew Crevello; 1993/Jordanna Harris, Reggie Augusthy; 1994/Dana Sheshens, Eric Yanoff; 1995/Stefanie Stein, Brian Osias; 1996/Kathleen Craig, John Lynch; 1997/Meredith Ringel, Daniel Harris; 1998/Allison Liebscher, William Hackenbracht; 1999/Jayme Margolin, Bernard Chae; 2000/Julie Hackenbracht, Adam Milakofsky; 2001/Robin Davis, Peter Lynch; 2002/Angela Au, Trevor Stutz; 2003/Mary Lynch, Andrew Collier; 2004/Molly Kantor, Zev Benjamin; 2005/Aynsley Duncan, Christopher Baldassano; 2006/Brynn Applebaum, Chen Fang; 2007/Kathryn Stockbower, Christopher Tralie; 2008/Kelly Harchut, Michael Wang; 2009/Julie Zauzmer, Aaron Dubin; 2010/Jenny Chen, James Stine; 2011/Sarah Hallowell, Bill Kim; 2012/Jennifer Cullen, Kevin Li; 2013/Berenice Leung, Sam Jacobson; 2014/Julie Baldassano, Alan Yang; 2015/Lauren Pyfer, Bart Scherpbier; 2016/Grace Palmer, Henry Hoffman; 2017/Emma Barsky, Philip Dowdell; 2018/Victoria Hoffner, Corey Bryton; 2019/Hannah Xiao, Ryan Goodman; 2020/Annie Cheng, Amy Gong; 2021/Peyton Kullmann and Aidan Pullian; 2022/Willow Kaplan and Luke Price; 2023/Landon Kullmann and Samantha Segal

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