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Past Innovative Grants  


Building Community and Student Agency with Flexible Learning Environment - TFES

     Grant Recipient: Maressa Alsher

Building a Culture of Personal Literacy through Rich Book Clubs - SRMS

     Grant Recipients: Samantha Connelly, Hannah Kim, Jennifer Lankin, Laurie McGettigan

Class Connect for Wonder Robots - MGES

     Grant Recipient: Erica Stianchi


Designing and Printing in 3D - TFES & FWES

     Grant Recipient: Jeff Dillon


Forensics in Literature - UDHS

     Grant Recipient: Brian Palme


Lego Mars Space Shuttle and Rover - JTES

     Grant Recipient: Tre Milrod


Le Rat des Catacombs - UDHS

     Grant Recipient: Christine Jones


Sensory & Movement Path, Dragon Path/Chipmunk Trail - JTES/MGES

     Grant Recipient: Alyson Stern 


SRMS Internet Radio Station - SRMS

     Grant Recipients: Rob Miller, Kristin Leung


Learning Music with Ukeleles  - Elementary Schools

     Grant Recipient: Chris Horn


Using Probes for Data Collection in Chemistry - UDHS

     Grant Recipient: Dawn Edelman


Variable Acceleration with Fan Carts - UDHS

     Grant  Recipient: Doug Sample


Where there’s a WHEEL there’s a way! - UDHS

     Grant Recipient: Crystal Dunn 


Writing Walls - UDHS

     Grant Recipient: Alyssa Hart

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