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UDSD Team Roster

Coach Michael Nelms (SRMS)


Ms. Gerhart (MGES)

Ms. Doherty (MGES)

Mr. Perez (MGES)

Ms. Thieroff (MGES)


Mr. Bush (FWES)

Ms. Cheifetz (FWES)

Ms. Brennan (FWES)

Ms. McCarthy (FWES)


Dr. Ortiz (SRMS)

Mr. Mellor (SRMS)

Ms. Gallen (TFES)

Ms. Lyons (TFES)

Ms. Mallozzi (JTES)

Ms. Zielinski (JTES)

Ms. Farrell (JTES)

Mr. Hayden (UDHS)

Ms. Gallagher (UDHS)

Ms. Matusow (UDHS)

Mr. Giammarco (UDHS)

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