North Hills Education and Recreation Program

The North Hills Education and Recreation Program provides enriching experiences throughout the year for many school age children living in the moderate to low income neighborhood of North Hills in Upper Dublin Township. We help secure funding for this after school program, teen mentoring program and summer day camp that provides one-on-one tutoring, educational reinforcement, guidance, encouragement and great recreational outlets to help level the playing field for less fortunate youngsters.

The after school program runs for approximately 32 weeks of the school year for children ages 6 to 18 in the North Hills neighborhood. Well attended teen discussion groups and other enrichment activities are held in the evenings. The program continues as a five week summer day camp offering a combination of continued educational instruction 12 hours per week followed by enjoyable youth sports, a variety of recreation activities and enjoyable field trips. The camp serves as a bridge from June to September to maintain academic progress over the summer months. A major goal of the summer camp is to allow underserved kids the opportunity to be engaged in the same wholesome summer experiences as their peers.

Trained professionals and certified teachers assist with remediation, homework and reading. They also help develop study skills and how to be prepared for school. Another critical element is the availability of technology for students who may not have access to computers and the inetrnet at home.  The teachers also partner with the participants’ teachers in the school district to develop and monitor education goals with each student. They operate with the support of teacher’s aides and college student volunteers who increase the adult to student ratios, giving kids all the help they need to complete their assignments. State standardized test preparation is also provided to students.

Outstanding recreational supervisors and assistants offer fun indoor and outdoor activities which have been highly successful in attracting children to this program and keeping them in attendance over the years. Children enjoy the Learning Center’s table games like pool and ping-pong, board games, arts and crafts as well as the computer center’s educational games and other video games. Most of all, they enjoy the satisfaction of completed homework assignments and the same recreational opportunities as their classmates in Upper Dublin.

This program is made possible because of a Montgomery County Community block grant, and funding from the School District of Upper Dublin, the Township of Upper Dublin and the Upper Dublin Education Foundation. In addition, the Greenfield Foundation has awarded a grant to help support this crucial initiative.  

Program Contacts

Pam Ryan

Phone: 215-680-1987