Grant Program

The Upper Dublin Education Foundation's Grant Program is designed to encourage innovation and to develop resources and meet needs that are not addressed in existing District programs. In the past 5 years, UDEF has funded nearly $100,000 in classroom grants and continues to respond to the needs of the school district.  We are grateful for the generous support from individuals, corporations and private foundations that make our Grant program possible.

Any new project, idea, or innovation for which funding is sought must be aligned with the Foundation's overall mission of enhancing the educational experiences and lifetime opportunities of students in our District. We will begin accepting applications in November for the May 1 deadline. 

In 2019-2019, UDEF approved 23 grants totaling nearly $25,000:

  • Adam Brittain (MGES): Staging Solos: Using Puppeteering to Develop Singing Skills

  • Trish Chialastri (TFES): Sensory Pathway Hallway

  • Adam Doan (MGES): LEGO Mindstorm

  • Elementary Art Department: Monet Today Traveling Art Exhibit

  • Stacey Lavenberg (FWES):Flexible Seating: Finding Our ‘Smart Spots’

  • Jennifer Leszczynski (UDHS): Headphones for 9th grade Academic Literacy course

  • Lauren LeVeque (SRMS): Digital Recorders for Interpersonal Communication Practice and Assessment

  • Lauren LeVeque (SRMS): Spot It en Espanol game

  • Laurie McGettigan/Samantha Connelly (SRMS): Ozobots Personal Narratives: Integrated Literacy and Coding

  • Noelle McNesby (UDHS): Operation Whiteboard

  • Tre Milrod (JTES): Makedo Toolkits

  • Liz Padova (FWES): Pottery Wheel

  • Doug Sample (UDHS): Standing Waves in Air Columns using LabQuest Function Generator

  • Doug Sample (UDHS): Freefall and Projectiles

  • Stephanie Sample (SRMS): Growth Mindset Materials for Success

  • Frances Schwabenland (SRMS): The Creative Classroom for Project Based Learning

  • Erica Stianchi (MGES): Interactice Learning with Student Choice

  • Bret Stover (UDHS): Go Pro Waterproof Video Camera for Lifeguard & PE Classes

  • Melissa Traber/1stGrade Team (JTES):Morning STEAM Think Tubs

  • Tina Tofel (SRMS): Flexible Seating

  • Mitch Will (MGES): Ozobots: The Concrete Key to Coding

  • Judith Winship (UDHS): Energy Flows/Matter Cycles: From Seed to You

  • Carol Zambelli (FWES):  Standing Desks for Special Education Classroom

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible for a Grant?


All teachers and staff are available to apply for a Mini-Grant.


Is there a limit on the amount of funds a teacher can apply for?


Proposals should not exceed $5,000. Larger amounts can be considered if phased over more than one year.


What is the application deadline?


Proposals will be considered on a rolling basis throughout the 2015-2016 school year through April 15, 2016. While applications will be accepted and considered throughout the entire school year, funding may be more limited later in the year as a result of Grants previously awarded during the year. Applications received after March 1, 2015 may be considered for funding in the 2016-2017 school year.


Where do I send my application?


Applications should be sent via email directly to the foundation at Please also copy the e-mail both to the Superintendent's office ( and your building principal or supervisor.


How are the awards determined?


A subcommittee will review all proposals and make award recommendations to the UDEF board who will, in turn, authorize all Grant awards and finalize award amounts, The Foundation may require additional information from an applicant, if necessary. The Foundation will promptly notify applicants of all award decisions.


If I am awarded a grant, do I need to report back to UDEF?


Yes, in submitting an application, you agree to provide the Foundation with a Grant Status Report no later than one month after completion of the funded project or innovation and at the latest by Friday, June 3, 2016.


What should my Grant Status Report include, and where should I send it?


The Grant Status Report should be submitted electronically to the Foundation at This brief report will summarize your grant and provide an assessment of how successfully the funded project achieved its desired goals. Please include at least one electronic photograph of your Grant "in action."